BitX BRC-20 Dex


9/12/2023 4PM GMT +1
First its clear to say that $bxdx should not be limited to BRC20 and should be accessible to everyone - Way to do this is thro multiple CEX listings and Multiple tools outside of BRC20 ( for example LTC20.COME : This will attract LTC20/LITECOIN Community etc....) Then we head over to the Selling-Point : BRC20 DEX AKA UNISWAP OF BRC20 > Currently our dex is slow and lets just say its not the best , back in june when we built BitX v1.0.0 we planned to finish upgrading it but then BRC20 got dry so we halted development but now that theres alot of users in the BRC20 space that are in need for a BRC20 DEX we started building the new big version
BitX V2 will be a game changer with an internal wallet system for smooth a experience across all devices ( especially phone ) - Order books - Instant order completions - Near instant Swaps - NFTs Swaps - Bitmap exclusive marketplace - Sweep feature and much more!
BitX V2 will be the FULL EXPERIENCE OF A BRC20 DEX AKA Uniswap on Bitcoin :
  • Fully decentralized
  • All BRC20 Tokens /Ordinals NFTs will be listed automatically
  • Internal wallet built in which makes a smooth broadcasting txns experience -Opensource
  • Audited ( V1 already audited as well)
  • Inscribing service built-in and much more.......
BITX V2 will be
For now wait for the CEX listing then we move towards BitX V2 on-chain
ETA JAN 2024