$BITX Tokenomics

We are swiftly migrating to Runes because our research team has highlighted a significant likelihood that BRC20s may become obsolete with the introduction of Runes, leading to a shift in liquidity towards Runes tokens. Maintaining two separate token standards on Bitcoin would no longer be practical. Trusting our researchers, we have chosen to transition to Runes in the best interest of the BitX community and our IDO investors, whom we always prioritize.

BitX, the world's first BRC20 DEX, will transition to Runes upon release and introduce its own Runes token, $BITX, which will be airdropped to OG PASS holders at a ratio of 1:500.

BitX will promptly commence the development of various Runes tools and products for the community, akin to its initiatives for BRC20 & Ordinals in general ( tools.bxdx.io ).

Total supply : 21,000,000 | 50% AIRDROP | 50% PRESALE Ticker : ???? Trade location : BitX V2 | CEX | Magic Eden | Raydium Presale date : 14th of april 2024 Presale Airdrop date : Ended Airdrop ( Phase 1 ) ENDED Launch date : Bitcoin halving day / Runes launch day

Solana CA : EjAETpHqGHXDtK4KkSEy1kf5ndVRjLzHUEdoMHyEtJeH

In support of OG PASS holders, our presale strategy focuses on a swift sell-out, encouraging latecomers to obtain an OG PASS from the secondary market to get $BITX.

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